Elementary School
Name Email Subject
Mr Mohamed Ragb mragb@aiswest.com Elementary Arabic Grade 4
Mr Mohamed Ahmed mahmed@aiswest.com Arabic Social Studies
Ms Noha Shabaan nshaaban@aiswest.com Elementary Arabic Grade 2 & AFL
Ms Maha Mohamed mmohamed@aiswest.com Elementary Arabic Grade 1
Ms Amal Refaat arefat@aiswest.com Elementary Arabic Grade 3
Mr Mohamed Ali mali@aiswest.com Elementary Arabic Grade 5
Ms Omaima Abogabal oabogabal@aiswest.com Elementary Arabic KG1/KG2
Ms Hagar Abdullah habdullah@aiswest.com Elementary Arabic KG1/KG2
Mrs Nesreen Salama nsalama@aiswest.com Elementary Arabic KG2
Mrs Naglaa Mohamed NMahmoud@aiswest.com Elementary Arabic Grade 2
Ms Yasmine El Shenawy yelshenawy@aiswest.com Elementary Art
Ms Eiman Zaher ezaher@aiswest.com Elementary Art
Mrs Reem Abdou rabdou@aiswest.com Elementary Computers
Ms Jessica Brickus jpbrickus@aiswest.com Elementary Computers
Ms Julia McKillop jmckillop@aiswest.com Elementary Music
Mr William Ghormley wghormley@aiswest.com Elementary Music
Ms Mary Anne Zupan mzupan@aiswest.com Elementary Music
Mrs Nadine Banna nbanna@aiswest.com Elementary PE
Ms Heba Dandan hdandan@aiswest.com Elementary PE
Mr Karim Hassan Khassan@aiswest.com Elementary PE
Mr Andres Perdomo aperdomo@aiswest.com Elementary PE
Ms Anita Rudd ARudd@aiswest.com Elementary School Counselor
Mrs Lisa O'Hare LOHare@aiswest.com Elementary School Counselor
Ms Dina Oubari doubari@aiswest.com Full Time Substitute
Ms Sherin El Meligy selmeligy@aiswest.com Full Time Substitute
Mrs Aya Oubari AOubari@aiswest.com Full Time Substitute
Mr William Granter WGranter@aiswest.com Full Time Substitute
Ms Cynthia Thibault cthibault@aiswest.com Pre-K
Ms Gihan Bishay GBishay@aiswest.com KG1
Mrs Lela Gabr LGabr@aiswest.com KG1
Ms Simone Harpel SHarpel@aiswest.com KG1
Mrs Angelica Garza MGarza@aiswest.com KG1
Ms Daina Van Rijt DVanRijt@aiswest.com KG1
Ms Noha Elhamamsy NElHamamsy@aiswest.com KG2
Mrs Stephanie Kennah SKennah@aiswest.com KG2
Mrs Janet Howard HHoward@aiswest.com KG2
Ms Lisa Gomes LGomes@aiswest.com KG2
Ms Kelsey Van deer KVanDeer@aiswest.com KG2
Mrs Malak Yassin myassin@aiswest.com Grade 1
Ms Nicole Reid NReid@aiswest.com Grade 1
Mr Peter Bihari PBihari@aiswest.com Grade 1
Ms Teresa Fowler TFowler@aiswest.com Grade 1
Mr Holly Gleich HGleich@aiswest.com Grade 1
Ms Mary Moss Mmoss@aiswest.com Grade 1
Mrs Dalia Mokbel dmokbel@aiswest.com Grade 2
Ms Amber Acosta AAcosta@aiswest.com Grade 2
Ms Sharon Abrantes SAbrantes@aiswest.com Grade 2
Ms Kay Parrish kparrish@aiswest.com Grade 2
Ms Jennifer McGuire JMcguire@aiswest.com Grade 2
Ms Mona Kafafi MKafafi@aiswest.com Grade 2
Ms Roshan El Farnawany relfarnawany@aiswest.com Grade 3
Ms Alia ElMoslemany amoslemany@aiswest.com Grade 3
Ms Heba Diraz hdiraz@aiswest.com Grade 3
Ms Nadiah Eldomeiri ndomeiri@aiswest.com Grade 3
Ms Melissa Perham MPerham@aiswest.com Grade 3
Mrs Justine Carter JCarter@aiswest.com Grade 3
Ms Mona Dwidar mdwidar@aiswest.com Grade 4
Mr Jacob Muonio JkMuonio@aiswest.com Grade 4
Mr Andrew Hernandez AHernandez@aiswest.com Grade 4
Miss Charlotte Lucero CLucero@aiswest.com Grade 4
Miss Vanessa Reynolds VReynolds@aiswest.com Grade 4
Ms Sophie Sewailem ssewailem@aiswest.com Grade 5
Mr Scott Carter SCarter@aiswest.com Grade 5
Ms Katelyn Mcdonald KMCDonald@aiswest.com Grade 5
Mr Evan Panther Epanther@aiswest.com Grade 5
Miss Renee Cottrell RCottrell@aiswest.com Grade 5
Miss Amy Kennedy AKennedy@aiswest.com Grade 5
Ms Nancy Alaa el din nalaa@aiswest.com Learning Support
Ms Laurie Adele LAdele@aiswest.com Learning Support
Ms Lani Walker Lwalker@aiswest.com Learning Support
Ms Karen Potter KPotter@aiswest.com Learning Support
Ms Lindy Hewitt Lhewitt@aiswest.com Learning Support
Ms Deborah Gaynor DGaynor@aiswest.com Learning Support
Mrs Sally Talaat stalaat@aiswest.com Religion
Secondary School
Name Email Subject
Ms Nesreen Bassiouny nbassiouny@aiswest.com High School Math
Ms Carrie Guillen CGuillen@aiswest.com High School Counselor
Mr Ahmed Elwan aelwan@aiswest.com High School Arabic
Mr Mahmoud Hussein mhussein@aiswest.com High School Arabic
Mr Amr Emam aemam@aiswest.com High School Arabic
Mr Abdelmenam Abdelmenam AabdelMoneam@aiswest.com High School Arabic
Dr Kathleen Hall KHall@aiswest.com High School Art
Ms Dina Moemen DMoemen@aiswest.com High School Business
Ms Mayada Magdy mmagdy@aiswest.com High School Computers
Ms Eman Assem EAssem@aiswest.com High School Economics
Ms Cristina Saldarelli CSaldarelli@aiswest.com High School English
Ms Michelle Hansen MHansen@aiswest.com High School English
Ms Angela Fushtey afushtey@aiswest.com High School English
Mr John Kennett JKennett@aiswest.com High School Gov't/History
Ms Nehal Safwat nsafwat@aiswest.com High School History
Mr Alaa William awilliam@aiswest.com High School Math
Ms Noha El Sharawy NelSharawy@aiswest.com High School Math
Ms Natalie Elmore NElmore@aiswest.com High School Math
Dr Nasim Sarira nsarira@aiswest.com High School Physics
Dr Hani Ramzy hramzy@aiswest.com High School Psycology
Ms Dareen Abuelyosr DAbuelyosr@aiswest.com High School Science
Mr Walter Salvador WSalvador@aiswest.com High School Science
Ms Jennifer Brunson JBrunson@aiswest.com High School Science
Ms Sarah Thompson Sthompson@aiswest.com High School Spanish & English
Ms Alia El Shishiny AElshishiny@aiswest.com IB Coordinator & IB Business
Ms Lorna MacIver LMaciver@aiswest.com Librairan
Ms Nicole Roerick NRoerick@aiswest.com Middle & High School Dance
Ms Iman Elarfaoui IElarfaoui@aiswest.com Middle & High School French
Ms Claire Tremblay CTremblay@aiswest.com Middle & High School French
Ms Patricia Granter PGranter@aiswest.com Middle & High School Music
Mr Michael Janes MJanes@aiswest.com Middle & High School PE
Ms Andrea Larned ALarned@aiswest.com Middle & High School PE
Mr Ahmed Lotfy alotfy@aiswest.com Middle & High School PE
Mr Salah Abdel Moaty smoaty@aiswest.com Middle School Arabic
Mr Mohamed Ahmed mahmed@aiswest.com Middle School Arabic
Mr Ali Mansour AMansour@aiswest.com Middle School Arabic
Mr. Mohamed Mokhtar MMokhtar@aiswest.com Middle School Arabic
Ms Hannah Wilson Hwilson@aiswest.com Middle School Art
Ms Sherri Piitz SPiitz@aiswest.com Middle School Counselor
Mr Patrick Blois PBlois@aiswest.com Middle School English
Ms Jennifer Gilbert JGilbert@aiswest.com Middle School English
Ms Jane Niemitalo JNiemital@aiswest.com Middle School English
Mr Juan Agudelo JAgudelo@aiswest.com Middle School Math
Mr George Dougherty GDougherty@aiswest.com Middle School Math
Ms Laila Elfakharany LElfakharany@aiswest.com Middle School Math
Ms Stephanie Janes SJanes@aiswest.com Middle School Science
Ms Joyce Areibi jAreibi@aiswest.com Middle School Science
Mr John Palmer Jpalmer@aiswest.com Middle School Social Studies
Ms Kimberly Scoville KScoville@aiswest.com Middle School Social Studies
Ms Dolores Rodriguez DRodriguez@aiswest.com Middle School Spanish
Ms Sally Talaat stalaat@aiswest.com Religion
Ms Shaheera Mobarak smobarak@aiswest.com TOK
Mr Andreas Horaites AHoraites@aiswest.com Drama & TOK
Mr John Doty JDoty@aiswest.com Drama & TOK
Ms Dina Oubari doubari@aiswest.com Full Time Substitute
Ms Sherin El Meligy selmeligy@aiswest.com Full Time Substitute
Mrs Aya Oubari AOubari@aiswest.com Full Time Substitute
Mr William Granter WGranter@aiswest.com Full Time Substitute

  • American International School in Egypt - West Campus
  • Al Shabab Road, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Established in Cairo for over 25 years, American International School in Egypt's (AIS) - West Campus was inaugurated in 2009. Serving the local and international community, AIS encourages and inspires students to become lifelong learners who contribute to a diverse and changing world. An Esol Education school, AIS is part of a network of exceptional international schools around the world in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Nicosia and Lebanon.

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