AIS - West offers bus transportation for students whose parents contract for these services. Within certain restrictions, buses offer travel from door to door. Students who have not paid for the service are not eligible to ride the bus.

Students are responsible for following and obeying the bus rules and regulations. In the event that a student violates the established rules, he or she is subject to disciplinary action. In more severe cases, a student may be suspended from riding the bus temporarily. If the behavior continues, the expulsion may be permanent.

If the bus driver is distracted by a student's behavior, he cannot pay strict attention to his driving and the road conditions. This poses a safety issue for all students. Bus rules also apply for field trips as well as for daily transportation. Please note that buses leave on time and one minute is considered tardy.

Student Behavior

The code of behavior for bus travel includes:

  • Students are expected to always be respectful toward the driver and the bus supervisor
  • Students must adhere to the directions of the bus supervisor
  • Students are to use the established pick up points only
  • Students are required to stay in their seats and wear their safety belts at all times
  • Students are to refrain from protruding their head, hands and other objects out of the bus window
  • Students are not to throw objects out the bus windows or within the bus
  • Students must converse in a quiet voice
  • Fighting will result in automatic bus suspension no matter who starts the fight
  • Students will lose any privilege to eat on the bus if they don't remove their rubbish or manage their food appropriately
  • Potentially dangerous objects that are needed for a school project must be given to the bus monitor
  • Students are only permitted to leave the bus at their designated stop, unless they have a note from a parent, pre-approved by the bus supervisor
  • Students must be on-time to their designated pick-up points. The bus will not wait for tardy students.
  • Bullying, harassment, and name-calling will not be tolerated
  • Students who attempt to stop the bus while in motion will be suspended from bus travel, possibly permanently