At AIS - West our music program is ever evolving as students take advantage of the opportunities provided in our music rooms and in our auditorium.

In our elementary school music classes, we offer a comprehensive and well-rounded music education. The curriculum allows for a focus on singing, and playing both pitched and percussion instruments. We also incorporate movement and history and culture. We explore these skills through world music, masterworks, folk songs and popular music. Students perform regularly for their parents, peers, and community at various events.

The middle through high school general music singing standards extend the study of the elements of music from the elementary grades by further developing music skills through listening, singing, and musical notation from the keyboard perspective.

Further expression and organization of musical ideas through composing/arranging and performing music will be emphasized. Students will also be cognizant of music as its role applies to all societies of people.

Students will identify and develop criteria for evaluating music performances through active listening.

These objectives support music students to be life-long learners and listeners in their worlds of music.

Our Band Program, which started in the 2018-2019 school year, continues to grow. Students acquire music literacy as they learn to play wind, brass, and percussion instruments. This allows students to explore music of many cultures and styles. Students experience opportunities to perform concerts for a variety of audiences.