The aim of the drama and theatre program is to encourage students to discover new ways of meeting intellectual and artistic challenges through studying theatre and performing. Students learn to envision an idea and then develop it, examine works of art, problem solve, and hone technical and expressive skills. They learn how to interpret past and present cultures that foster students’ abilities to carry on sustained theatre arts investigation.

Theatre as an art form has existed for thousands of years and humans have often looked to it for guidance in relationships, personal growth, politics and many other questions and issues of the day.

As an educational tool, theatre helps students feel confident in their ideas as well as open to taking risks in their academics and social lives. As they continue to do this, they will find a much more clear sense of self as well as community.

AIS - West is excited to offer a Secondary School theatre program for students from grades 7-12, as well as IBDP Theatre in grades 11 and 12. All students actively explore issues and ideas while exploring performance techniques to bring those issues and ideas to life.

There are several performances that is produced each year by our drama teachers and amazing AIS - West talented students. Please check the following links for these performances: