MUN 2023

About the conference:


The upcoming AISWMUN’23 conference marks a historic milestone as it opens its doors to external schools for the very first time, broadening its reach and welcoming a diverse array of young minds and talents. Scheduled from November 23 to 25, this event promises to be an immersive and enlightening experience, offering participants the opportunity to engage in lively debates, hone their diplomacy skills, and forge connections with like-minded individuals from various educational Institutions. This expansion signifies a significant step towards fostering a collaborative platform for discussing global issues and cultivating a deeper understanding of international relations among a wider network of aspiring delegates.

Over the weekend of November 23–25, 2023, the AIS West Campus hosted its first ever multi-school conference, where six international schools from Cairo attended the American International School (West) Model United Nations (AISWMUN). The students that participated in this conference were from the British International School of Cairo (BISC), Heritage International School (HIS), Cairo American College (CAC), Hayah International Academy (HIA), the Canadian International School of Egypt (CISE), the Alsson International School (AIS), and, of course, the 108 students from our school, making them 286 delegates and 21 chairs in total.

The opening ceremony featured keynote speaker Hossam Reda, the Egyptian Ambassador in Djibouti, who shared his experiences in the United Nations. The conference focused on the theme "Transcending Borders" and emphasized inclusivity and mentorship. The event was well-organized and included various teams from AIS, ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience for all participants.

As the sessions progressed, everyone was occupied with representing their country and applying its stance to the committee they were assigned to. The chairs of this conference were exemplary in their guidance, help, and mentorship of all the delegates as they journeyed through this conference. The main goal that was the foundation of this conference was inclusivity, and that is why we had so many chairs coming from our guest schools, and a lot of the students were first-time delegates. But in the end, we all left as family and friends.

The organization for this event also included a group of AIS students who were part of the many teams that ensured a safe, successful, and smooth process for all these delegates, namely the Food and Catering Team, the Press and Media Team, and the Administrative Team, which accounted for 50 other students from our school. This conference, by all standards, was a very prosperous event filled with fruitful discussions, heated debates, amazing Points of Information (POIs), fun sanctions imposed on the delegates from their chairs, and the opening of the ever-famous gossip box!

Everyone was clearly engaged in what they were doing while loving it in the process.

We can’t wait to host AISWMUN ‘24!!