Middle School Curriculum

AIS - West has identified curriculum goals considered essential to the learning process of its students. The goals are set in order to acquire a range of thinking skills, alongside comprehension, interpretation, extrapolation and synthesis.

AIS West draws from the best practices of American state side schools, as well as US Common Core State Standards, to offer a quality American Academic Program for both international and Egyptian students.

Curriculum Standards

The curriculum is organized by standards. Each standard is defined by

  • essential understandings
  • essential knowledge
  • essential skills
  • essential processes

The Middle School believes it is essential for students to see connections and relationships alongside the acquisition of important basic skills. Goals include teaching students to think critically and make connections. The aim is for students to become confident performers, presenters, and public speakers who work co-operatively and collaboratively. Students are taught to acknowledge their peers' points of view and respond in an open-minded manner.

Middle School students take the following courses:

English Language Arts
Integrated Science
Geography and History
Physical Education

Middle School students are also able to select from the following electives:



In addition to the classes listed above, all Middle School students participate in an Advisory program. This program follows the Responsive Classroom Model with an aim to support the social emotional learning of all students.


Middle School is a transition time between Elementary School and High School. Our focus is on deep learning, critical thinking, and growing independence. We also begin introducing letter grades to students. 

The school year is divided into two semesters. Each semester is divided into two nine-week terms made up of approximately 18 instruction weeks. At the close of each nine-week term, students receive a progress report card indicating the grades earned in each class. Absences, if any, are recorded on their report card. 

Formal reporting periods are held four times per year and once per term. Parent/teacher conferences are held in November and April.

Letter Grades

Letter grades, their percentage equivalents and grade point averages that reflect a student's progress are as follows:

Letter Grade          
A+ 98 - 100        
A 93 - 97  
A- 90 - 92  
B+ 88 - 89  
B 83 - 87  
B- 80 - 82  
C+ 78 - 79  
C 73 - 77  
C- 70 - 72  
D+ 68 - 69  
D 63 - 67  
D- 60 - 62  
F below 60