Middle School


At AIS - West, the Middle School continues with the same careful supervision and attention to all areas of student development and learning as does the Elementary School. The curriculum and methodology at these grade levels are designed to meet the needs of students in their transitional phase of emerging adolescence.

The curriculum is designed to match the best practices from American state side school districts, as well as US National standards. Students are taught essential knowledge, skills and understandings. A departmentalized program provides students with an opportunity to learn in interdisciplinary units. Real life application of subject knowledge is accomplished through integrated core curriculum in combination with technology, art, drama, music and physical education with the support of rich library media resources.

The rapid intellectual growth of the pre-adolescence sparks many emotional and social changes. AIS - West's Middle and High School nurtures trusting relationships with adults and peers to create a climate of personal growth for each student. We strive to enable all our students to become successful and confident individuals.

The Middle School at AIS - West is a transition between the Elementary community and the High School model of education. We will work towards easing this transition with communication and care.