Visual Arts



The visual arts are an important and enriching part of student growth, and is widely supported at AIS - West throughout Pre-KG -12. Artistic expression is a visual language that comes more easily to some than to others, but it can be learned and used by all. Understanding and creating visual art helps our students to become more well-rounded as learners, more culturally aware as global citizens, and more emotionally healthy as individuals.

To promote the development of artistic ability in our students from a young age, we begin art classes in KG 1 at AIS - West. The focus of early elementary art is the development of artistic confidence and creativity through individual process art and through guided practice.

Upper elementary art at AIS - West gives our students a wide range of experiences with a variety of art media, including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics. A balance is made between learning about historical and contemporary artists. Beginning in upper elementary, AIS - West art teachers also refer to the AERO visual arts standards to ensure that our students have an art education that is both high quality and broad in scope.

In secondary, art may be taken as an elective class. Students who continue in the arts program are given further opportunities to develop their artistic awareness and skills. They are also introduced to more advanced art concepts and techniques. They are encouraged to develop their own artistic voice.

Students at AIS - West may choose to enter the two-year IB art program. This program is the most intensive and advanced course of study for secondary. In this program, under the direction of the IB teacher, students will develop a personal portfolio and be responsible for exhibiting their own work as part of the IB art show at the end of their program.

Students who are involved in our visual arts program are equipped to study art in higher education and if they so desire, to pursue an art-related career. But regardless of their career goals, their art education at AIS - West will enable them to enrich their own lives and the lives of others through visual expression.