IB Learner Profile

IB Learner Profile


International Mindedness

Students will be exposed to specific physical and health education skills, tactics, concepts and practices that can be connected to and applied to many cultures around the world.  Having an underlying focus of health enhancing physical fitness throughout each unit will ensure students are able to make connections and “speak the same language” in terms of applying skills, tactics, concepts and practices to and from other cultures.  The skills learned can be used in contexts where pre-existing cultural and language barriers may limit other forms of communication.  Reciprocally, students will be more tolerant and accepting of other culture’s opinions and views regarding physical and health education.

IB Learner Profile Traits in Health and PE:  Students will be introduced to the 10 IB Learner Profile Traits.  Each of these 10 traits will be integrated into our course throughout this academic year.

  • Inquirers - The AIS - West physical education student investigates how and why the body works the way it does.  They investigate the importance of maintaining lifelong health enhancing physical fitness.
  • Knowledgeable - The AIS - West physical education student gains knowledge related to health and physical fitness which can be practiced inside the classroom and applied outside of the classroom with the goal of maintaining health enhancing physical fitness.
  • Thinkers - The AIS - West physical education student can make connections between skills, concepts, theories and practices learned in class and can link those connections to contexts outside of the physical education classroom.  They can work through challenges in class by applying critical thought individually and in a group setting.
  • Communicators - The - AIS West physical education student shares their thoughts, ideas and strategies with classmates.  They listen to and respect the thoughts, ideas and strategies of their peers as well. 
  • Principled - The AIS - West physical education student takes tremendous pride and displays a high level of integrity in relation to following rules and meeting expectations.  They hold themselves to a high standard by doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Open-minded - The AIS - West physical education student is willing to accept new challenges and try new things.  They are willing to tolerate others in a respectful manner and understand that their opinions may differ from others- and that is ok.
  • Caring - The AIS - West physical education student develops and shows empathy toward their peers.  They understand that their contribution to class has an effect on everybody else.  Genuinely and sincerely caring for themselves, their peers and equipment is of the utmost importance.
  • Risk-takers - The AIS - West physical education student understands that taking risks is how we learn best.  Stepping out of your comfort zone is encouraged.  Not being afraid of failure and understanding that failing is part of the learning process is essential.
  • Balanced - The AIS - West physical education student understands that learning new skills, activities, concepts and practices will make you a better person.  Learning and participating in new and different activities and working with different individuals will help to build an abundance of invaluable experience.
  • Reflective - The AIS - West physical education student can be critical of their strengths and their areas of weakness.  They can set goals and work toward achieving them.  They are able to analyze and assess where they are in relation to skill, tactics, concepts and practices in an honest manner.  They view reflection as an essential element of the learning process.