Our Arabic Program focuses on expanding students’ capabilities and skills. Since traditional methods of teaching alone no longer suit our modern lifestyle, we focus on finding innovative ways to develop students’ cognitive skills. We try to discover the underlying capabilities of learners and help them emerge.

Arabic teachers are trained on new and interactive strategies that encourage learners to enjoy learning and exploring with the Arabic language. We encourage open-ended activities and direct sensory experiences that promote critical thinking. Learners are motivated to question, research and work, independently or within groups. This development of learning strategies leads to the generation and construction of knowledge and the teacher and students acquire new interactive roles.

Teachers design the course based on the Ministry of Education Curriculum and work on collaborating, interacting and providing support. We also promote problem-solving skills through various methods and activities. Even though we are in an American school, Arabic is given the same level of importance as English. Positive reflection and perseverance is the key to learning any language and students are motivated to reflect these qualities in class.