Commitment and Expectations

At AIS - West, we believe that each member of our learning community has a commitment to:

  • Participate actively and responsibly in his or her own learning;
  • Support parent-teacher-student relationships that enable success in learning;
  • Understand and appreciate each other as individuals with special interests, aptitudes, and the ability to learn and experience success;
  • Support the role of extracurricular activities in enabling students to explore interests and to cultivate unique skills;
  • Communicate proficiently using the English language and ensure all students’ first languages are supported to the extent possible;
  • Experience and value education as a lifelong process;
  • Develop the skills to utilize contemporary technology to enhance further learning;
  • Establish and maintain respectful and effective communication and collegiality;
  • Develop in all students a sense of personal and social responsibility through demonstrated service to others;
  • Respect local, regional, and international perspectives; and
  • Shape the future of our school through strategic vision, continuous planning, and agreed upon action plans linked to continuous evaluation.