Director's Welcome

August 6, 2020

Good day!  My name is Dr. Randy Refsland, and I am the new Director replacing Dr. Les Potter. Dr. Potter and the staff have put AIS - West in an excellent position, and my objective is to work with all of our stakeholders to build on that solid foundation of success and continue to move AIS - West forward.  We want to continue to provide the best possible education for all of our students in preschool through high school.  I am looking forward to working closely with the ESOL Board, administration, staff, parents, and students to continue the tradition of excellence at AIS - West.

This past year has been the most challenging ever in the field of education, and this fall will bring many additional challenges.  We are working hard every day to provide a plan that will allow us to re-open with students in a safe and nurturing manner.  The challenges of social distancing and proper hygiene are very important to us.  We will need everyone’s assistance in making that happen.  Our students and staff will need to be used to practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands on a regular basis.  Normal school activities will be curtailed to a great extent and such commonplace activities as riding the bus and eating lunch will see revisions in order to make them safer.  We value our students and staff and want to make the 2020-2021 school year a safe and rewarding one for all. 

I will briefly summarize my background so that you have an idea of my credentials and experience.  I have spent the past thirty-eight years as an educator.  I obtained my Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in history and Social Studies from Bemidji State University, my Master of Science (MSE) degree in Secondary Education from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville, and my Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership from Edgewood College.  I spent eighteen years as a teacher at the high school and college levels, teaching world history, U.S. history, psychology, law, sociology, and geography in addition to coaching American football, wrestling, and track and field.

I then spent nine years as a high school principal and then moved on to become a superintendent of schools which is very similar to the job of Director here at AISE-West.  I spent nine years as a superintendent in Wisconsin. I have spent two previous stints overseas in China and in Bahrain.  My time in China involved working for an education foundation as its Chief Academic Officer.  In Bahrain I was the Director General of a school.  My twenty years of administrative experience have been very rewarding and combined with my eighteen years as a teacher have reinforced to me how valuable and important education is.

I am excited to be in Egypt and AIS - West, and I am looking forward to meeting and working with the ESOL Board, administrative team, staff, students, and parents here at AIS - West.  I am truly honored to have been chosen for this position, and I can assure you that I will work tirelessly on behalf of this school and all of its stakeholders. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns or if you want additional information regarding our school.  I can be reached at

Thank you for your interest in and continued support of AIS - West, Go Lynx!


Dr. Randy Refsland