If you are interested in joining the AIS-West team, please send a cover letter and an updated CV to

The teaching qualifications and skills that we seek in our professional staff are as follows:

  • The ability to inspire students to be the best they can be
  • Excellent knowledge of content area(s)
  • Innovative instructional practices to serve different student levels and individual needs
  • Experience in a variety of classroom teaching strategies and discussion techniques
  • Working knowledge of technology in the classroom
  • Exceptional classroom management skills
  • A clearly visible love for children coupled with a good sense of humor
  • A desire and ability to communicate well with parents
  • Willingness to collaborate with other teachers in a working productive relationship
  • Willingness to attend and participate in on-going professional development, meetings, conferences, and learning opportunities.

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Employment Requirements

  • Teacher Certification from an accredited Higher Education Institution
  • Higher Education transcript of all courses undertaken and grades achieved
  • Minimum of 3 letters of recommendation from current or previous educational employers
  • Health Certificate verifying a clean bill of health from an accredited medical practitioner

Current Openings


Administrative Vacancies

HS School Registrar (PowerSchool Skills is a plus).



School Leadership Vacancies
Secondary School Principal
Secondary School Vice Principal


Teaching Vacancies
HS IB Art Teacher 
HS IB English Teacher
HS IB Chemistry Teacher
HS Biology Teacher
MS Science Teacher
MS Art Teacher
KG 1 Teacher
Learning Support Teacher 

Upper Elementary Teachers

IB Diploma Coordinator with Economics Teaching 


If you wish to apply to any of the other ESOL schools that have openings, please send a cover letter and an updated CV to

Our school offers great teachers with great experience.